Statistical Support & Rates

Collaborative Support

The following collaborative activities are supported by the Alliance:

  1. Design of clinical trials, laboratory trials, population-based studies, and more
  2. Sample size determination
  3. Web-based data entry
  4. Data retrieval
  5. Access to Wellmark Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Iowa Medicaid databases
  6. Data management
  7. Statistical data analysis
  8. Grant proposal preparation
  9. Manuscript preparation
  10. Statistical seminars and workshops


Support provided by Alliance members is expected to be financially self-sustaining. Our efforts may be funded through percent-efforts on grants, department or center memorandum of understandings (MOUs), or direct billing for hourly service.

  1. Grant Support: Much of our member funding come from collaborative work on externally funded research grants. We are particularly experienced in the preparation of NIH P01, R01, R21, and U01 grants. Grant support as a co-investigation is preferable when it is important to secure project support from a particular member(s).
  2. Department and Center MOUs: Formal agreements may be developed for academic and research units to provide salary support for Alliance members in order to foster long-term collaborative relationships.
  3. Hourly Projects: Hourly billing is available and generally appropriate for smaller projects. Requests for hourly support are routed to the first available Alliance member appropriate for the project. Thus, such requests come without assurances that a particular biostatistician will provide the support. If such assurances are desired, percent-effort grant support or a departmental/center MOU should be considered as alternative funding mechanisms.

Rates for Hourly Projects

Support Base Hourly Rate Discounted Hourly Rates¹
HCCC Members² CPHS & BCC³
Study Design
Sample Size Determination
Grant Preparation
$120 Free $40 - $120
Data Entry and Management
Data Analysis
Manuscript Preparation
$120 $70
Seminars and Workshops $120 $70

¹Billing for unfunded Internal Medicine faculty is charged directly to their department.
²Rates apply to developmental cancer-related projects only.
³See website for detailed rate information.