About the Biostatistics Core Alliance

The Biostatistics Core Alliance consists of biostatisticians who are engaged in collaborative activities at the University of Iowa and the partners committed to the support of their activities. Alliance members hold appointments in existing University departments and/or centers, and collaborate with researchers in the Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center, Institute for Clinical and Translational Science, College of Public Health, and University at large. A goal of the Alliance is to provide a single point of contact for biostatistical support on campus in order to increase accessibility to researchers. Another is to improve efficiency by matching researcher needs to the expertise of our members.


To improve accessibility and efficiency of collaborative statistical support for biomedical research.

Membership and Partner Benefits


Alliance members are biostatisticians who provide statistical support for biomedical research. Membership benefits include:

  1. Common point of access to member-provided support
  2. Increased visibility of expertise and support offered
  3. Standard online form and processing of support requests
  4. Database for project tracking, billing, and reporting
  5. Increased reliability of funding sources for support efforts
  6. Promotion of good collaborative practices, and
  7. Increased sense of community among members


Alliance partners include University of Iowa departments, colleges, or centers that have made resource commitments to support activities of Alliance members. Examples include percent effort support provided by the Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center to allow discounted rates for cancer center members, percent effort support by the Institute for Clinical and Translational Science, and an agreement for the Department of Internal Medicine to pay for the hourly biostatistical support of its non-funded faculty members. We would be happy to hear from other academic or research units on campus interested in supporting the Alliance and in opportunities for discounted rates.

How to Contact the Alliance

Researchers looking for biostatistical support on projects should complete our online request form. Inquiries about becoming a member or partner, or about the Alliance in general, may be sent via email.